Other Resorts

France really is one of the leading ski nations in the world. For most Brits it is the first choice of ski country, a place traditionally held by Austria. If you choose to ski in France you are faced with a huge number of ski areas to choose from and the choice between large ski areas and smaller more stand alone resorts.

France is famous for its vast lift linked ski areas like Les Trois Vallees which boasts the worlds largest lift linked ski area covering 11 resorts. There are also ski areas which don't just encompass a number of different resorts but also allow you to ski across borders into Switzerland, Andorra and Italy.

There are also however ski resorts which we list under 'other'. Resorts like Val Cenis which are not part of these huge ski areas. This doesn't mean that they wont offer you great skiing, accommodation and diverse slopes for all abilities. They just don't offer you the sheer size and opportunities of the larger ski areas.

How to Choose a Ski Area

This really all depends on what you need from your ski holiday. Many smaller French resorts will give you all you need if you are skiing for 5 days and don't plan to spend every waking hour skiing. For a two week holiday however a large lift linked ski area pass could be well worth the money as it will stop you getting bored and satisfy all levels of skier.


Resort NameLow AltitudeHigh AltitudeVertical DropLongest RunBeginnerEasyIntermediateAdvanced/ExpertSkiingBoardingAprèsFamiliesOverall
Chamrousse1420 m2255 m835 m4.0 km815156Star ratingStar ratingStar ratingStar ratingStar ratingFR Grenoble (1h 9m)FR Chambery (1h 17m)FR Lyon (1h 33m)
St. Sorlin1500 m2620 m1120 m6.0 km81394Star ratingStar ratingStar ratingStar ratingStar rating
Val Cenis1300 m2800 m1500 m8.0 km918235Star ratingStar ratingStar ratingStar ratingStar rating
Valfréjus1550 m2740 m1190 m0.041024Star ratingStar ratingStar ratingStar ratingStar rating