Ski Equipment

family in new ski gear

If you're considering a ski holiday,booked one or just go every year, you'll need to think about your ski equipment before you go (it's double the price in resort!). From your own boots, to skis or a snowboard, the very least you'll need is clothing, gloves, goggles and almost definitely a helmet!

When looking for the latest ski equipment including helmets, jackets, trousers, goggles or gloves, buying online can save you hundreds of ponds if you know the brand or type of gear you are looking for. Skiing equipment and snowboard gear come in all shapes and sizes and use all the latest technology to keep you dry and warm on the slopes. The ski equipment we promote can help you look good on the slopes as well as keeping you warm on those bitterly cold days.

We also have a range of articles on clothing, skiing equipment and snowboard gear to help you understand Gore Tex, bi-directional boards, lens technology and a whole host of other terms you may want to read up on.

Winter Holiday Booked?

Now ski equipment gear (or snowboard equipment depending on your whim) should also be a consideration if you are a seasoned pro! Is your ski equipment tired or fancy a change from carvers to short skis? Also, how's the ski gloves and boots or the more essential ski gear like goggles or salopettes.... see where this is heading.

Unless you are a seasoned skier it's highly likely there are a few essential bits of ski equipment that you will be needing - starting with sun block and a ski jacket!

There's quite a lot of ski equipment that you can buy online like ski block, locks, gloves or goggles - as they are not so dependent on sizing as boots and skis will be. If you are more experienced then buying boards and skis is great online - everything is so much cheaper!

Choosing Ski Equipment

As with any sports gear, winter sports equipment is no different. There are hundreds of different brands out there and many many different styles for every piece of ski equipment you can think of. A lot comes down to taste and budget - however certain things you should not skimp on and you should have two pairs or more of certain things.

Obviously there are very different conditions up in the mountains - one thing that many people forget is to wear a thermal layer or if not wear special under clothing that is Goretex based. This removes the sweat from away from your body so that you don't get wet clothes.

This is one time when you shouldn't wear a cotton t-shirt underneath as it soaks up your sweat and if the weather turned really cold, would cool you down rapidly. Artificial fibres all the way!!!

Tips on what is a MUST

Sometimes there's no room for error - especially when you are flying down a slope at 30 mph with someone right behind you :

  • Make sure your ski jacket and trousers/ salopettes are GoreTex or at very least 100% waterproof
  • Always have 2 or more pairs of waterproof gloves - you sweat and they get wet... having two pairs will really make you feel good on cold mornings
  • If buying skis or boards - the more you pay the better the equipment - however seek specialist advice as your weight, height and ability all govern what is best for you
  • Get UV goggles and glasses. You will need goggles for white-out conditions or just very windy days - glasses for those sunny days when goggles will make you sweat!
  • Socks - lots of. Make sure you buy proper ski and snowboard socks - they make a big difference. We recommend you have 4 pairs minimum - they should cost about £10 each.

Finally, as we keep saying, make sure you have adequate insurance as you will regret it if you don't and something goes horribly wrong.