Choose Your Ski Exercises by Body Area


You know you've got a ski holiday approaching, you know you've got to get fit. So why not break down your workouts in to body area to make it less daunting. From your arms to your legs, your core to working out your back, find out more.

If you want ski exercise advice, then this section offers exercises for skiing and snowboarding, broken up into different body parts to make it simpler for you to identify a ski exercise for a particular part of the body.

Working Your Basic Muscle Groups

We cover a complete range of ski exercises both for skiing and snowboarding - all designed to help strengthen the basic muscles groups you will use when you are out on the slopes.

Focussing on balance, core stability, endurance, flexibility and strength out skiing exercises aim to give you simple advice on the types of exercises you can do easily in your own home and without resorting to expensive equipment.

Exercises by Body Part

Abs : Tone your tummy for strength - Ab exercises

Arms : Both biceps and triceps workouts - Arm exercises

Back : Lower and upper back strength - Back exercises

Chest : Pecs and lower chest muscles - Chest exercises

Knees : Strengthen your knees for skiing - Knee exercises

Legs (Back of) : Hamstring and calf exercises - Rear leg exercises

Legs (Front of) : Workout your quads and thighs - Front leg exercises

Shoulders : Shoulder muscle exercises - Shoulder exercises

Trunk : Core fitness & rotation workouts - Core exercises


Fitness Programs

Alternatively, why not go check out our easy to follow fitness programs that you can either do at home - or in the gym.

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+ Intermediate Fitness Program

+ Advanced Fitness Program

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