Which Ski Resorts Are Near Airports!

airport in the snow

Why not start your search for a holiday, by finding out which ski resorts are near which airports so you get a shorter transfer time!  Perfect for families to ensure you have the least time squashed in the car or taxi.

We've laid out the most popular airports and then have a simple widget that allows to to filter the time and country to display the key resorts that are close by. We even tell you which ski resorts are near airports and the time it takes to typically drive there once you land. 

See just how close some ski resorts are to airports in Europe and how far they are in the US and Canada! Faced with the choice of flying to say Turin, Zurich, Chambéry or Innsbruck, we can show you quickly and easily by time and country which ski resorts are open to you.

You can of course click through to a full review of each ski resort and also find out more about accommodation, transfers and ski schools too.

Why Start With Your Arrival Airport?

Firstly, ski resorts close to airports like Geneva are sometimes the better known ones like Morzine or Chamonix, but unless you travel a lot to ski, there will be some amazing resorts you have never even considered like Megève or St Anton.

If you don't live in striking distance of the London airports, then the number of destination airports for a direct flight to the Alps is likely to be lower. For example, if you live near Newcastle and want to fly direct to the Alps, then you only really have Chambéry, Geneva and Turin airports for flights. This means if you've set your heart on skiing in Zermatt, you need to fly into Geneva and then have almost a 3 hour transfer. Why not check a few of the airports out now?

If you find a ski resort you like, then why not also check out which airports are close by using our tool next to the resort review. This is also a useful way to plan your trip and work out which flights you will need to find.



European Airports

Check out the airports in each country

  • Austria

    Fom Innsbruck to Salzburg and Vienna, airports close to resorts.

  • Bulgaria

    Sofia is the main airport for Bankso and Borovets.

  • France

    Access the Alps from a number of key airports with easy transfers.

  • Germany

    Great for accessing Austria and Switzerland from Munich or Stuttgart.

  • Italy

    A host of airports close to the Alps including Milan and Bolzano

  • Spain

    Great to access either the Pyrenees or the Sierra Nevada.

  • Sweden

    Access some superb slopes further North. A different experience from the Alps!

  • Switzerland

    Access ski resorts via Geneva, Zurich or 3 other key airports.

As well as the airports above, there's also Croatia, the Czech Republic, Finland, Norway, Scotland, Slovakia and Slovenia's airports that offer flights that enable you to get to ski resorts for your winter holidays.

North America Airports

Check out the airports in USA and Canada

  • Canada

    Airports on the East and West Coast for all major ski resorts.

  • USA

    Lots of choice here from Colorado to California or New York.

World Airports

Other Airports Across the World

  • Japan

    Superb for Powder, fly into a number of different airports for an unforgettable ski holiday.