Ski Resorts in New Zealand

If jetting off to the sun doesn't appeal to you and snow is more your thing, you can effectively enjoy two winters by flying off down under to New Zealand and enjoy a skiing holiday while others are basking in the sun. Ski New Zealand is certainly nothing new; it just isn't one of the places that immediately springs to mind when planning your skiing trip.

Destinations like New Zealand are the kinds of places we go to for that 'trip of a lifetime', or to visit family who have emigrated there. If you are a lover of winter sports why not combine this trip with a visit to the mountains and take in some skiing?

What is the Atmosphere Like?

Chilled and relaxed is the best way to describe the New Zealand ski resorts. A lot of time and money has been spent providing great facilities for their visitors, and  the après ski is really something special.

Who Will Enjoy It Most?

Everyone will enjoy it is the simple answer. The Kiwis are renowned for their hospitality and generous spirit and service levels in the resorts are generally high.There is much to enjoy in the mountains of New Zealand whether you choose to fly down the slopes or simply soak up the atmosphere.

How Many Resorts?

There are 23 ski resorts spread across both the north and south islands of New Zealand. The three on the north island have the spectacular setting of being on Mount Ruapehu, an awe inspiring volcanic mountain. The South island offers other activities such as bungee jumping, whale watching and hiking.

Staying in New Zealand

Finding the perfect accommodation in vital for any trip, but the sheer quality and choice of the accommodations in the New Zealand ski areas makes this an awful lot easier. There is accommodation to suit all budgets, from cosy cabins for two, to huge lodges for groups and the customary luxury hotels for those who like to be spoilt while on holiday.

There are also plenty of accommodations for backpackers who need somewhere cheap to lay their heads, and the standard of these establishments are amongst the best that you will find in any country in the world.

Getting Here

Most international flights will land in Auckland, which sits at the top of the north island. Here you can get to Mount Ruapehu. For the south island head to Queenstown or Christchurch for easy transfers.