Ski Insurance for Winter Sports

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Whatever else you do, ski insurance is an absolute must for your holiday! Whether you are skiing or snowboarding, winter holidays are known for bringing out the 'daredevil' and as a result whether it's icy or powder, the right cover is essential for all.

Making sure you are covered for breakages, lost equipment or even a helicopter ride off the mountain is pretty much the first rule of a ski holiday. Fortunately ski insurance is not prohibitive, well not when you consider the alternative costs of going it alone! However, we all know from experience that it's best to get the best deal so you don't feel ripped off.

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Why is Ski Insurance Important?

The main problem is that when skiing or snowboarding even a small innocent looking fall can break your arm or leg, where a much more dramatic fall has little or no effect - because your skis have long since come off.

We think your ski insurance should be booked whilst you're booking your holiday - otherwise there is a very real danger that you may forget - which will cost you thousands if anything goes wrong.

What Winter Travel Insurance is Available?

There are a number of options open to you - from individual through to family, multi trip to annual that includes say up to 30 days as standard. Check thoroughly that it covers your needs - off-piste is often not covered even with a guide. North America policies will be more expensive than Europe, extreme skiing another area where you will need to check very very carefully.

Just as a leveller - fixing a simple broken arm probably costs about £2k and the helicpoter ride off the mountain - upto £10k or more depending on the severity of your injuries. Therefore, as you can tell - the £75 is a very good spend of money under the circumstances.

Some Quick Tips

Choosing the right winter sports insurance policy is fairly simple, there's no point completely over-doing it and spending £200 on a policy if you don't need it so follow the simple points below :

  • Ensure your ski cover is adequate and appropriate paying particular attention to the activities you may end up doing
  • Check carefully the policy for off piste skiing. In particular find out whether it cover off piste runs or whether you have to go with a guide only on certain designated routes.
  • Strangely you may need to check about snowboarding. Many policies may simply use the word skiing when it means both, however some don't. Always check specifically that yors does cover if that's your bag!
  • Check the policy covers ski equipment and theft. Specifically are you covered for leavibg your hire skis outside the bar locked and they go missing! It is a £300 replacement minmimum om those.

In Summary

Whether you're in Whistler or La Plagne, you should be able to enjoy your holiday without thinking too much about what could go wrong. This is the luxury you get if you have your ski insurance sorted before you leave.

By Will Smith