Ski Resorts in Finland

Finland, the eighth largest country in Europe, shares borders with both Norway, Sweden and Russia. The weather conditions make it ideal for all manner of winter sports, which means it's not just skiing and snowboarding on offer here.

A large area of Finland is designated as part of the winter wonderland known as Lapland, where families flock every year with their youngsters to visit Santa Claus. As there is so much to do in Finland, check out all the experiences on offer on and off the slopes.

What is The Atmosphere Like?

Finland is a vibrant and buoyant country with a very relaxed atmosphere and has much to offer the tourist. The Finnish people are very proud of both their country and their culture and are keen to be known for a lot more than saunas. Everyone is made welcome here and you will leave Finland feeling a completely different person.

Who Will Enjoy It?

There really is something for everyone here. For those who don't want to ski there is numerous other winter activities to fill in the days before you go out in the evening for your après ski. This makes it a good destination if you have people in your party who don't ski. Dog sledding, ice skating, snowboarding and many other great activities are available to those who are clever enough to book their winter holiday to Finland.

How Many Resorts?

Altogether there are 46 ski resorts and areas in Finland, all offering varying facilities and slopes that cater from the  beginner to experienced skier. Gear hire, great food, and the spectacular Finnish landscape are all around you wherever you choose to go. Check out the different resorts with our guides to find which one best suits your needs and the requirements of your party.

Staying in Finland

The accommodations in and around the resorts are top quality and offer the weary traveller the perfect place to rest after a long day on the piste. There are hotels, apartments, chalets and lodges both right in the resorts and within close proximity. There are various catering options and you can go self-catering, all inclusive or anywhere in between.

The hotels all have bars and restaurants of very high standards and a great feature of many Finish hotels is the fitness suites where you can relax in a spa before hitting the pillow or embracing the nightlife. Check out our guides for all you need to know about skiing in Finland.

How Do I Get Here?

Kittila airport is a good gateway to the ski resorts, particularly some of the better known like Levi, Ylas and Pyha. Flights go from London Gatwick, Birmingham and Manchester. Airlines that service Kittila include Thomson Airways, Finnair and Norwegian airlines.

Ski Resorts

Resort NameLow AltitudeHigh AltitudeVertical DropLongest RunBeginnerEasyIntermediateAdvanced/ExpertSkiingBoardingAprèsFamiliesOverall
Iso-Syöte238 m431 m193 m1.0 km11822Star ratingStar ratingStar ratingStar ratingStar rating
Levi200 m530 m330 m3.0 km182240Star ratingStar ratingStar ratingStar ratingStar ratingFI Kittila (0h 14m)
Pyhä214 m494 m280 m2.0 km3341Star ratingStar ratingStar ratingStar ratingStar rating
Ruka291 m492 m201 m1.0 km011135Star ratingStar ratingStar ratingStar ratingStar rating
Saariselkä734 m914 m180 m2.0 km0372Star ratingStar ratingStar ratingStar ratingStar ratingFI Kittila (3h 9m)
Salla120 m350 m230 m1.0 km6522Star ratingStar ratingStar ratingStar ratingStar ratingFI Kittila (3h 44m)
Ylläs255 m718 m463 m3.0 km534216Star ratingStar ratingStar ratingStar ratingStar ratingFI Kittila (0h 49m)



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