Ski Resorts in Germany

Germany has long been considered the poor relation when it comes to skiing in Europe. Package tourism hastened the development of villages in Austria, France and Switzerland and for some unfathomable reason Germany seemed to get left behind. This is even harder to understand when you realise exactly what there is to offer the winter sports enthusiast is this vast country

Despite being left out in the cold so to speak, the German ski resorts have still flourished, albeit at a slower rate. This has enabled the resorts, however, to retain their original charm. Full of friendly locals, they have not become brash and over commercialised like some of the so called premier ski resorts in Europe. You can ski down glaciers, take a sleigh ride or try a spot of snowboarding, the choice is all yours.

What Is The Atmosphere Like?

The atmosphere in the German resorts is relaxed, friendly and has a quaint olde worlde feel to it. This is what winter resorts should be like. You arrive as guests and leave as friends, the locals are kind and hospitable and can't do enough for you, and the food and drink on offer is excellent.

Who Will Enjoy It?

The German resorts are perfect for those who want to experience a real winter treat, and not be trampled in the rush for the best spot on the piste or to be first into a designer store. There is plenty to do for all here, and whether you want to stay in a mountain hideaway or in the centre of one of the more cosmopolitan resorts, a warm welcome awaits you in Germany this winter.

How Many Resorts Are There?

The 6 big ski resorts in Germany are Berchtesgaden, Garmisch, Lenggries, Mittenwald, Oberammergau and Oberstdorf. Those enthusiasts who follow the sport of skiing will instantly recognise the name of Garmisch. This is very much the grand dame of German skiing and despite the pretensions of the likes of Oberstdorf, Garmisch, with its history and heritage is still firmly in the top spot as the number one German ski resort.

Staying in Germany

Chalets, lodges, apartments, hotels, the choice is yours in the German resorts. Chalets range from cosy buildings made for two, to those big enough to house a dozen people and include extras such as spas. There are also ski in ski out accommodations available, you  really are spoilt for choice when it comes to selecting your accommodation for your winter holiday in Germany.

How to Get Here

There are a number of airports that provide a good gateway to German ski areas and also the great resorts of Austria and Swtizerland. Check out the following airports-Friedrichshafen, Munich and Stuttgart. Klagenfurt is also good for the ski resorts of Slovenia.