Intermediate Fitness Program for Skiing

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If you ski every year and consider yourself a solid red run skier, then this intermediate fitness program should suit you well. Helping to get those key muscles ready for action, preparing should help prevent injury and make your ski holiday all the more fun.

Why not try out our intermediate fitness program for skiers and snowboarders in order to get your muscles totally ready for the new season and a week on the piste!

The Intermediate Fitness Program

A sound and proven set of exercises make up our intermediate fitness program and they together provide your body with the right balance of muscle strength, core stability and flexibility whether you are a skier or a snowboarder.

Obviously there are also specific exercises for each sport, but the following will be good to get you in great shape. Remember to follow a proper workout routine.

Workout Routine

  • Warm-up using a cardio exercise (either rowing, biking or walking)
  • If you feel pain or a muscle twinge - stop!
  • Don't prolong rests between execises or reps
  • End your workout with stretching and a warm down
  • Aim to do 60 mins, 3 non-consecutive days a week, taking at least one day of rest between workouts

Prepare for Exercise

For our intermediate fitness plan we assuming you already do some exercise (not necessarily in the gym) and that you ski a full week with a reasonable level of competence. You will have had 3 or more weeks of skiing.

We recommend you start exercising with our program at least 8 weeks before you go skiing or snowboarding and you perform three sets of 10 to 12 repetitions (reps) with a rest of around 60 seconds between each set. You will also need a 2 to 3 minute rest at the end of each exercise before the next exercise. Finally a 5 minute warm down and stretch.

Throughout the workout, concentrate on breathing correctly - do not hold your breath during an exercise. Breathe in and expand your chest to prepare to do the exercise, then as you perform the exercise breathe our whilst simultaneously drawing your belly button inwards towards your spine.


Intermediate Workout




About 5 minutes cardio (medium exertion on bike, rower or treadmill - enough to work up a sweat)

Stretch all muscles carefully which takes about 10 minutes, no bouncing on any stretches!



EXERCISES (in any order)

Ensure you do THREE sets of each exercise


Great for abs and obliques (side abdominals) to target twisting and rotation strength

Click here for a description of how to perform »



The Plank

Lower back as well as your abs/trunk ~ core strength

Click here for a description of how to perform »



Pull Ups

Upper back strength - start with small reps or an assisted pull up machine in the gym

Click here for a description of how to perform »



Bicep curls

Builds biceps strength and isolates both arms to work independently

Click here for a description of how to perform »



Bench Press

Use dumbbells to provide great control and a good chest workout

Click here for a description of how to perform »




Isolates each leg so you can't cheat but works same muscles as squats. Be careful not to put too much pressure on knee!

Click here for a description of how to perform »



Tricep pushdowns

Works the back of your arms - great for snowboarders to get you up off the snow!

Click here for a description of how to perform »



Leg curls

Burns those hamstrings and gives you real leg strength coupled with squats

Click here for a description of how to perform »



Squat Jumps - Plyometrics

This one provides great strength and stamina for your leg muscles and core

Click here for a description of how to perform »




If this seems a little difficult or too demanding, either step down to 2 reps of each exercise or take a look at our basic fitness program.

Likewise, when you start finding this circuit a little easy, then you are ready to up the weight, change the routine or attempt a harder workout. Check out our advanced exercise plan.

By Will Smith



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