Back Exercises for Skiing

back exercises

Hugely important for your posture, positioning on the slope and of course balance. Your upper and lower back need to be in good shape if you want to develop your technical skiing, or just to have more fun on the slopes.

Working your upper and lower back will help develop the strength you need to really improve your skiing or snowboarding.

The muscles of the upper and lower back really help in any activity where you use your arms and legs, and also aid in posture and body control.

There are numerous exercises for both areas, but those listed below are the most effective for working these areas.

Upper Back

Pull Ups

The ultimate upper back exercise. Pull-ups work all the muscles in the upper back and will help you to develop strength and endurance.

Simple to perform, hang from the pull up bars, then slowly pull yourself up and raise your chin just above the height of the bar, then slowly down. Build up to 10 of these (if you can) and then progress to 3 sets - in the final set going to failure.

Lat Pull Downs

A good alternative to pull-ups is lat pull downs. These are performed on a cable machine, and use most of the same muscles as pull-ups.

Performing three sets of 10-12 reps will build overall strength in your upper back region.

Lower back

Here's a simple one to get you started

The Plank

You start lying on the ground with your weight solely on your feet and forearms, keeping your legs out straight. Concentrate on pulling your belly button in towards your spine and then hold this position for thirty seconds. Then relax, repeat five times.

If you find this easy, then from the same starting position, lift one foot off the ground and hold for 20 seconds, then lower. Repeat with the other foot, then one arm and then the other. Then do 5 sets of these.

In Summary

If you add these exercises to your workout program two to three times per week, beginning about three months before your winter trip, you'll build the strength you need to perform your best on the slopes.

Now you know what's good for your upper back - check out our lower back exercises and fitness programs.

By Will Smith



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