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If you're not driving or going by train, you'll need to find the right ski flight that gets you to a gateway airport like Geneva, Zurich, Lyon or Milan. Quick and simple to find, once you know your resort, then you can choose the closest (or simplest) airport to fly to.

Ski flights are the most popular route to the slopes in Europe and beyond. With companies such as Snowjet and easyjet offering access literally to the base of the Alps, you can be on the slopes in some cases in about an hour from landing.

How Much?

Skiing flights to Europe are offered from as little as £33 each way making the sport of skiing or snowboarding more accessible for all. In this section we'll help you choose ski flights that match to your desired resort as well as to your budget. From what airports are best for each resort and which airlines are offering the best deals - or even fly to the relevant airports (for example Chambéry is right in the middle of the alps - but not too many airlines fly there!)

What Do I Need To Do?

We want to make life as simple as possible for you and ensure that you have a choice between British Airways, Easy Jet, Snowjet or BMI depending on your budget, your location and your destination resort.

Go ski believe that finding ski flights should be a simple part of the process - as well as hotels or chalets - so by bringing information together under one roof - you can save time and hassles where otherwise you may have been bogged down in surfing around multiple sites trying to find what you want. So from luxury ski holidays to hiring snowboards or boots start it all here.

Booking Ski Flights

We suggest you combine a number of factors including :

  • Sort out which resort you're going to (check out our airports near resorts to help!)
  • Then workout the transfer time from resort to airport
  • Compare flight costs, availability and times
  • Organise your transport to and and from the airport to resort
  • Sit back and enjoy the holiday itself...

In Summary

Finally, whether you are flying or training your way to your resort - remember to ensure you have your ski insurance sorted, and also don't forgte your airport parking too.


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