Ski Tips for a Great Holiday

Read our quick article for some simple tips that will help you have a great ski holiday. From where to find a ski holiday to what equipment you should buy, check out our quick guide to get yourself started.

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Some basic tips to help make sure you have a great ski holiday. It's not comprehensive, but it is quick and has some good advice.

If you know some of the basics, it can help you save time, money and energy tracking the information down once you are there! This goes for a lads holiday or family holidays, romantic getaways or long weekends.

One of the best tips is to ensure you have all your basic ski equipment before you fly! Seriously, have you seen the cost of a pair of ski pants or a waterproof jacket in resort - even at the end of the season? It's so common, we've even provided a dedicated section below.

Quick Tips for Ski Holidays

So check out some of the tips below and I am sure you can think of some more that will apply to you!

  • Before leaving for the slopes refer to the International Ski Federations safe ski code for advice on how to conduct yourself on the slopes and in the resorts. Respecting others can help everyone have a safe ski experience
  • While researching ski holidays it may be worth reading a ski supplement like the one published by The Times newspaper. They include regular snow reports, reviews of different resorts and many other ski related articles/tips
  • When booking your first ski holiday check out the package deals available on the high street. Some operator's offer 'learn to ski' holidays which include English ski instruction, ski and boot hire, and sometimes a lift pass
  • A new scheme has recently been launched by 50 ski resorts and 7 British tour operator's (these include Crystal and First Choice) especially for beginners. The 2009 scheme provides 1,200 places on 'Fresher's Ski Weeks'. If you book through one of the tour operators signed up to the scheme then your lift passes, tuition, and equipment hire are included. Website:
  • If you're planning to take a ski trip in February half-term then book well in advance. Seats for ski flights at this time sell out quickly, and any left are likely to be at premium prices
  • When taking a ski holiday to France you have two travel options, a plane, or a snow train. Snow trains could prove cheaper and will generally get you closer to the ski resorts than a flight will. Snow train packages offer Eurostar travel to Paris, followed by an overnight snow train in to the French Alps

Ski Equipment & Ski Clothing

Essential clothing goes without saying - but make sure you don't spend hundreds if you've never been - because if you never go again, unless we go through a new ice age any time soon, you'll rue the money you've spent! No one ever said skiing/boarding was a cheap past time.

  • Although some items in your wardrobe will be suitable for a ski trip, you will need to go shopping. Pack your jumpers and fleeces and then head to the high street for your other clothing layers. Specialised jackets, trousers, gloves, and goggles will offer much more protection and warmth, and can often be worn at home too
  • Some ski packages for beginners will include hire of ski's, boots, poles, and associated bindings. If your package doesn't cover this then it's worth getting some advice before-hand on what exactly you'll need and how they should fit. This will speed up the process at the resort and help insure you are hiring the right equipment. The fitting of boots is particularly important if you want a smooth and painless run down the slope
  • As with many holidays abroad you WILL need sun cream and lip balm with a high factor of protection. At high altitude the sun will be more powerful, thus increasing the risk of burning. Also remember to put sun cream on under any goggles or glasses you wear

In Summary

Don't jump in with both feet and book the first holiday you see and buy a collection of ski gear that you think looks good - regardless of the price. Take a little time to do some research - even if you do it online.

By Will Smith



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