Ski and Snowboard Carriage

The cost of getting your skis or snowboard to your chosen resort can be a real hidden cost. Airlines can be very clever at promoting cheap flights and then charging you a fortune to take your ski equipment. Check out how to avoid this and get the best value for money.

aeroplanes on tarmac

The costs of transporting your skis and snowboard can add considerably to the overall cost of your ski holiday so it can pay to shop around the different carriers and check what their charges are.

This is true particularly of the budget airlines, your ticket may be cheap but the cost of your ski luggage may not be! Prices vary and you have to also watch the restrictions on individual items for weight and more worryingly, the combined totals with your hand luggage.

So before you jump in and book yourself a holiday, make sure you add up all the charges, the free seats and the cost of baggage and skis and see whether it's still a cheap flight after all!

Airlines offering ski carriage free of charge

Austrian Airlines

Offer one piece of hold luggage plus a pair of skis or snowboard free of charge. They fly to Innsbruck and Salzburg, great for access to key Austrian resorts.

Helvetic Airways

Skis and snowboards travel for free, they fly to Zurich and Bern.

Swiss Airlines

Skis and snowboards travel for free. Airports they fly to include Zurich, Geneva and Basel.

Airlines - One Piece of Baggage Free


One piece of airline luggage is free, after that charges apply. BA flies to a large number of ski destinations including Lyon, Munich, and Oslo.


One piece is free, which can be skis or a snowboard if you get this okayed before you fly.


Airlines - All Baggage Charged


The flights may work out cheap but they charge £12 each way for baggage and £27 each way for ski equipment since late 2012. Most convenient for flights as they go to Geneva, Zurich, Innsbruck and Salzburg.


They charge £30 for each piece of luggage or ski equipment. They fly to Geneva, Berne, Chambery and Salzburg.


They charge £25 each way for each piece of luggage and a whopping £40 for skis or snowboard! They fly to destinations including Munich, Grenoble, and Oslo.


The message here is to look carefully at the small print. If you are a group or family and you have a lot of ski equipment to transport to your ski resort do check all of your airlines charges as they do vary quite considerably.

By Will Smith