Taking A Baby On A Skiing Holiday

What do you need to think about if you decide to go on a skiing holiday with your baby? Read our guide to ensure that your holiday is stress free and works for all, adult and baby.

baby in the snow

For many families it would be unthinkable to leave your baby at home with relatives whilst you go skiing. Taking your baby skiing is possible, and can be great fun, but it will require some organisation (unless you have unlimited funds at your disposal).

Whether you're choosing to get a creche organised for during the week or are going to take it in turns yourselves, we have provided you here with a few tips to make it pleasurable for all!


Try to choose your accommodation wisely. Many resorts have child friendly hotels which have crèches and nannies available to care for your child whilst you ski. Another alternative is to get a chalet where you can totally relax as a family and not worry that you may be annoying other guests.

Many chalets also come equipped for babies with cots and high chairs but always check this before you travel. If you are using a nanny service always check how staff have been vetted and trained. Never worry about asking these questions. A good nanny service will expect you to!

Resort Choice

Resorts that have a short transfer time are better for babies and children in general. It can also be good to avoid resorts that are at high altitude as they can affect a baby’s ears and cause dehydration. North America may also be a step too far, temperatures can be lower in Europe and a long haul flight may not be a good idea.

Baby Supplies

Don’t assume that your baby’s favourite formula milk will be available in the resort. Take a good supply of nappies, milk and other favourite brands with you just in case the resort is limited in what it offers. Also, buggies and prams don’t really work in the snow so a baby backpack is a good option. Also, don’t forget warm clothing and baby sun block.


Don’t get caught out, get a passport for your baby and then the sky’s the limit!

By Will Smith



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