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It's amazing to think that some people still head off skiing and snowboarding without adequate ski insurance cover. So why is it so important and what do you need to ensure you have in your insurance policy?

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For those with a spirit of adventure, winter sports insurance cover is pretty essential.

A winter sports holiday is the ideal way to get away from a dull, drab winter at home. You will often be blessed with sun on the slopes, fresh air and of course you will be doing something active! With the adventure though, comes a certain amount of risk which needs to be guarded against.

Comprehensive winter sports insurance cover is essential and can traditionally cover many different types of activities such as snowboarding, glacier walking, and of course different types of skiing. Don't be tempted into assuming your home or personal insurance will cover you on the slopes though. That could be an expensive mistake.

What about Medical Needs?

The most important item in any policy is medical cover. This includes emergency hospital or dental treatment, and any necessary travel arrangements. Winter sports insurance policies also protect against lost, stolen, or damaged equipment, lift and piste closures due to bad weather and losing a ski pass. All of these scenarios are real possibilities that could cost a lot of money to set right.

As with any ski cover there are several different levels of cover, and things to consider. Which policy you go for could depend on how often you ski/board, whether you are an expert or beginner, where you go, and how you choose to buy your insurance.

Standard travel insurance can often be customised to include some winter sports cover, although this will normally have conditions attached, and may not be as comprehensive as separate ski insurance.

Whole Ski Seasons

Specialist winter sports policies can cover a whole skiing season (4 months) for avid skiers, or just a single trip, which would suit first time skiers. Policies can be purchased at high street travel agents as part of a package holiday, or separately through other insurance providers.

Most policies now can be bought online and you may find better deals here than on the high street. This could be worthwhile if seeking joint, family, or generally more comprehensive cover. Online discounts also apply when purchasing annual or seasonal cover.

In Summary

When looking for winter sports insurance check what your standard travel and health insurance will offer, and what additional cover you will therefore need. When researching different policies, check through each scenario covered, and the payouts for each.

Also if you like off-piste check and double check your policy covers you.

There will likely be variations on the amount paid out, any excess the customer will have to pay, and conditions under which the insurer will make a payout. Conditions could include the number of lifts closed, the level of bad weather, or where you were when something was lost or stolen.

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By Will Smith



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