Ski Season Jobs

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Many of us may have been tempted at some stage to do a ‘ski season’. The thought of being able to ski every day and earn money at the same time is very attractive. But what are the best jobs to go for in a resort and what are the downsides?

Chalet Roles

There are a number of roles related to accommodation in a resort, they include a chalet supervisor, chalet hosts and chalet chef. It should be noted that different ski companies may use slightly different tittles.

Chalet Supervisor       

A chalet supervisor is employed by a ski company to usually look after a large chalet or a collection of chalets in a resort. This role will be to oversee the chalet host and chef if applicable and ensure that customers are happy and that all aspects of chalet management from food and cleaning is happening smoothly. To do this role you need to be very sociable, want to work with people and understand good customer service but also be willing and able to deal with problems should they occur.

Chalet Hosts

A chalet host can do everything relating to ensuring that a guest is happy in the chalet. This can range from cleaning, washing up, making beds, buying food and assisting the chalet chef when needed. To do this role you need to be sociable and want to give all customers a great experience. This may involve welcoming customers to the chalet and ensuring that everything runs smoothly. Some companies will require you to have a chalet cookery course and have relevant work experience.

Chalet Chef

As the title suggests you are responsible for running the chalet kitchen and can be responsible for providing food for up to 40 people. Duties will usually involve breakfast, afternoon tea and an evening meal. You need to understand modern kitchen hygiene standards, be able to manage a food budget and of course be able to cook. You will also need to understand different dietary needs and be able to cook for both children as well as adults.

Resort Manager

There are a number of jobs in resort which we could identify as more admin based. A resort manager is a key role which in essence involves managing a group of people in resort to deliver exceptional service to all clients in resort. Key responsibilities will include motivating and managing a team, checking on service levels, dealing with customer queries and issues, manage resort accounts and manage transfers in and out of resort. To do this type of role applicants usually have previous ski season experience and also some experience of the hospitality industry. In addition, you may be required to have some language skills.

The Advantages

The roles described above are only a small snapshot of roles in resort, there are of course also ski and snowboard instructor roles. The advantages are clear that you have the opportunity to ski and board when you are not working. Many companies do provide you with a ski pass, subsidised housing and you may be lucky to work with a great team of people who become your friends. If you also like the public then working day in day out with different types of people can be hugely rewarding. You also get to live and work in some of the most beautiful places in the world and experience a different culture.

Some of these roles can also pay well, although they are not the best paid jobs in the world. You probably wouldn’t, with the exception of the resort manager role, want to do these jobs forever or as a long term career but they can be a great experience all the same. In some companies there can also be opportunities to work your way up in the company and build a career.

The Disadvantages

Some of the first people to suffer when there is poor snow can be seasonal resort workers. If bookings are down then your job could be in jeopardy so there is not great job security here. The work can also be hard, whilst there should be time to hit the slopes at some stage each day you will still have deadlines to meet. Customers aren’t always easy and you may even find some unreasonable in their requests and the pay is not great.


By Will Smith