Circuit Training for Winter Sports

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Why do circuit training for your the on the slopes? Both skiing and snowboarding are very demanding sports, with longer slopes requiring you to work non-stop for several minutes engaging a huge number of muscles in your body.

Circuit training involves performing a series of exercise without a break, moving from one to another in rapid succession.

This circuit is designed to be done at home with no equipment - thus anyone can do it. Adding simple items of equipment such as an exercise ball or stability discs will increase the difficulty of some exercises and thus the overall effectiveness of the workout.

A complete circuit comprises 9 exercises, and should take between five and ten minutes. If you need to pause between exercises, then it will take a little longer.

Quantities are given for each exercise - if you find any exercise particularly hard, reduce the repetitions for that exercise. Don't compromise the quality of your workout.

Do one circuit first time, adding a second circuit after a week or so, then a third. It's better to go careful at first and gradually build up.

Our Circuit Workout

Start with a simple warm-up for five minutes - running on the spot, stair running, skipping, anything that's easy for you to do at home.

The 10 Exercises

  1. Free squats (10) :

    These are squats done without any weight. Be sure to keep your back flat, lower slowly, pause, return to start
  2. Squat Jumps (10) :

    Upping the pace a bit, drop into a squat, then jump as high as you can. Land lightly, then repeat
  3. Crunches (20):

    These can be done on a mat, an exercise ball, or a stability disc
  4. Sideways jumps (20):

    Great for skiers - twenty, two-footed side to side jumps across an imaginary line
  5. Burpees (squat thrusts) (20):

    A standard of many circuits, these work almost the whole body. From a press-up position, bring your knees to your chest, then explode back out to the starting position. Repeat 20 times
  6. Triceps raises (10):

    Start with the heel of the hands resting on the edge of a chair or couch (any stable surface will work), slowly bend the arms to lower the body, then push back up
  7. Superman (10):

    A bit of a rest as you near the end - lie on the stomach, then raise your right arm and left leg - hold for ten seconds, then switch to the left arm and right leg. Repeat ten times for each pair
  8. Lunges (10 each leg):

    Great for the legs. Keep your body upright throughout
  9. Press-ups (20):

    The best upper body builder you can do without using weights. If you find these too hard, start by doing them on your knees


Make sure you try and keep your form when doing each exercise.


By Will Smith



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