Best French Ski Resorts

France has long been a favourite holiday destination for British skiers and boarders, but which resort to visit? We suggest 3 French resorts we think are worth looking at.

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France has a number of amazing ski resorts that appeal to skiers and boarders of all ages and interests. Following is a list of three top French ski resorts for the coming winter.


Chamonix ski resort is one of the crown jewels of French ski resorts. This resort sits beneath Mont Blanc, the tallest mountain in the European Alps. With such a pristine mountain as a backdrop, Chamonix ski resort is unrivalled throughout France. Nowhere else can skiers experience the breathtaking beauty offered by Mont Blanc.

Due to the area's elevation, a long skiing season is guaranteed, with lifts open until May. Even if skiing is not the order of the day, Chamonix has something for everyone. Mont Blanc offers mountaineering expeditions, and there is also a quaint mountain village to visit. Skiing, though, is the resort's highlight. Anyone who loves to ski must take some Chamonix ski holidays, one of the best French ski resorts.

La Grave

la graveLa Grave ski resort provides an adventure of a lifetime. It is not a travellers' typical resort. It sits in the southern French Alps, and offers an untainted mountain. It is not for the faint of heart, as there is no ski patrol or avalanche control. With very few lifts, La Grave delivers to travellers the opportunity to experience skiing as it was experienced years ago, before countless tourists flocked to its slopes. For its seclusion and untainted beauty, La Grave ski resort makes the list for one of the three best French ski resorts to visit this winter.

Les Deux Alpes

Les Deux Alpes ski resort wraps up the list of France's top three ski resorts to visit. This amazing resort sits in the valley above Lac Du Champon. The resort resembles a small village, with a two kilometre long street, that holds numerous restaurants and shops. Les Deux Alpes offers the highest skiable glacier in France, which makes it a prime location for any adventurous skier. This resort provides the perfect opportunity for French and national skiers to test their skill against the most formidable of mountains.

In Summary

These three resorts, Chamonix, La Grave, and Les Deux Alpes are each unique resorts, situated in the most beautiful areas of France. Each has its own location, attraction, and appeal that draws visitors in. On top of that, the experience in each will be unforgettable.


By Will Smith



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