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Stockholm, Sweden

Stockholm is a good airport to get to a number of ski resorts. But is it also worth stopping off their first? What is there to do and see in Swedens capital city?

What's in Stockholm?

Stockholm is known as the Venice of the north. It is made up of 14 islands connected by 57 bridges so you can see why the nickname came about! If old buildings are your thing head to the Gamla Stan which is the old town where you will find some spectacular old buildings. If history is your thing you can view some Viking age trading sites and also check out other UNESCO World Heritage Sites including including the Royal Palace at Drottningholm.

You may also want to add to your list the Vasa Museum which contains the only remaining intact 17th century ship in the world, the warship the Vasa. Oh and don't forget Abba, the museum is a great place for any fans out there!

Accessing the Slopes

You have a number of options once in Stockholm. There are internal flights to some resorts and trains and buses. In addition there is also car hire.


Stockholm airport is the largest airport in Sweden, also known as Arlanda airport. It is located about 42 km from the centre of Stockholm. There are numerous flights to Stockholm from various airports in the UK including London, Edinburgh and Manchester. Airlines to choose from include British Airways, Air France, SAS and Finnair.


There are a number of car hire options open to you from Stockholm, six to be exact and an efficient bus service from Stockholm.


The Arlanda express runs non stop from Stockholm to the airport, the journey takes about 20 minutes. From Arlanda Central station you can get trains to Are, Ostersund, Uppsala and other great destinations for skiing.